So, I recently got hurt on a hike. I was wearing my 30+ pound pack while on the hike and my foot trip on a rock. I caught myself, but the backpack went over me and slammed me down. I ended up with only a badly sprained wrist! It’s weird though, I didn’t feel any pain till about 5 hours later. I was using my hand to eat and everything! It wasn’t until i was asleep passed midnight did I want to cry! I ended up in the ER for a couple hours. I have to go back in a week to make sure there isn’t a small fracture. Also have to wear a brace on my wrist. Which makes it awkward to type. I’m not looking forward to working tomorrow. -_- Retouching photos with a bad wrist. We’ll see how that goes. Oh well, I look forward to my next hike!!! The first picture is my roommate and I at the hospital. The rest are of the hike!

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